(Bachelor in Business Administration)

About The Course:

BBA course is a Management Course at Undergraduate level. This course deals with the encapsulated knowledge about business and management. It covers various areas of business management from principles of management to various functional areas like POM, FM, Mkt. Mgt, HRM etc. The Subject also covers the study of domestic & International Business Environment. The course also improves the students’ life skills provided by college through expert faculty. It prepares the student to take up entry level jobs in the industry, take up their own family ventures or opt for higher studies like MBA etc.


  • To Provide Student with theoretical knowledge & Practical skills that will enable them to hold responsible managerial & administrative position.
  • To open learning avenues for students through delivery of quality education, industry collaboration & expert contribution.
  • To encourage & Support faculty to pursue activities that enhance the delivery of education.
  • To offer academic programs to the business community that are consistent with the current and future needs.


The mission is to prepare the students for position in the management of complex and diversified organization by providing them with a broad, fundamental and specialized education thereby enabling them to perform successfully ethically & professionally in a rapidly changing competitive business world.


The department is driven towards meeting the challenges & dynamic evolution in the business world and enabling students to take the world in their stride.

Faculty Members


Name: Mr. RasmiRanjan Mishra
Designation: HOD, BBA
Qualification: MBA

Specialization: Finance
Phone No:
E-mail Id:

Name: Miss. Sumitra Swain
Designation: Lecturer in BBA
Qualification: Mcom. & MBA

Specialization: Finance& Marketing   
Phone No:
E-mail Id:


Achievements/ Placements:

Name: Nayabrat Mohanty
Organization: Arohan Financial Service Ltd.
Designation: Executive Assistant-II

Name: Subhrajit Patra
Organization: VIVO India Pvt. Ltd
Designation: Sales Trainee

Name: Aishwarya Swain
Organization: Flipkart
Designation: Team Leader (Operation)

Name: Satyam Acharya
Organization: Indusind Bank
Designation: Branch Acquisition Manager