Those who get through the higher secondary examinations conducted by the (CHSE) or any other equivalent examinations are eligibleto apply for admission into the +3 I year classes of  U.N (Autonomous) College of Sc. & Tech. To apply for postgraduate classes, they must have passed the +3 Final Degree Exams in the subjects, P.G teaching facilities are available in the college.

a) Those who pass the Council of Higher Secondary Education Examinations (CHSE) and intend to seek admission into the U.N. (Auto) College of Sc. & Tech may apply online by downloading the prescribed form at the college SAMS Centre or from any other computers with internet facilities.

b) To obtain a Common Application Form (CAF), they will haveto log on to the Higher Education website at A Common Prospectus (CP) can also be had from the college SAMS Centre on payment of Rs. 10/- in cash to become thorough about the general guidelines for submission of applications for admission.

c) A hard copy of the application form duly filled up must be submitted to the SAMS Centre of the college within 15 days from the date of publication of the results.

d) If an applicant has opted for U.N. (Auto) College of Sc. & Tech. in his/her first choice for admission and is nominated for admission in the first selection but fails to take admission on the scheduled date, he/she shall not only forfeit his/her seat in this college but also lose the right to get himself/herself admitted in anyothercollege during that academic year.

e) Anybody provisionally nominated for admission in the first selection must take admission within the stipulated time giving an undertaking in Annexure -7 to this effect. All otherprovisions for e-admissioncan be ascertained by consulting the SAMS Centre of the college or by referring to relevant clauses of the Common Prospectus (CP).

f)  Documents to be produced arementioned in the application form and common prospectus.

g) After taking admission into +3 first-year degree classes, the honours selection is made giving 50% weightage on career marks and 50% on entrance tests.

h) In honours selection, aggregate marks plus marks in the

    subject are taken into consideration.

i)  Candidates seeking weightage for any of the activitiesshould be mentioned on the top of the application form in Block Letters.

ii) In case of any dispute regarding the interpretation of any rule, the decision of the principal is final and binding.

iii) The admission into U.N. (Auto) College of Sc. and Tech, Adaspur is purely provisional and may be cancelled in case any irregularities are detected at any stage. No admission can be claimed as a matter of right.

iv) The students can change over from one stream to another, one subject to another, one honours toanother and one elective to another within a given time frame as laid down in the CP.

v) Honours students should contact their respective Head of The Departments to solve their problems.

vi) Students having grievances should bring them to the notice of the Principal utilizing an application form forwarded by the proctor.