Sj. Trilochan Kanungo, a renowned political leader, social thinker, reformer, educationist, and formerly M. L. A. and M.P. as well, became the Founding President of the institution, Udayanath College of Science and Technology in the year 1987 who could be able to provide Undergraduate teaching facilities in the year 1991, and gradually Post-graduate facilities in the year 2009.

 Under his dynamic and charismatic personality of honesty and integrity, the college was included under 2(f) and 12 (B) in 2003 and got its first autonomy in 2009 from UGC. His vision is to transform it into a Rural University to cater to the needs of the rural area in and through making a skilled, intellectually inquisitive, rational and spiritual, hard-working, thought-scholar, and leader in terms of creating opportunities in sports and games, academic, cultural and co-curricular activities.

A thinker of a holistic approach finds ways to materialize a proposal that is helpful for the rural youth both at the Government and Non-Government levels with legal and moral appeal. In addition to the development of infrastructure facilities, he was thinking of an educational ambiance where both the teacher and the taught would plan and think of the prosperity of the society and the environment together in terms of organizing seminars, workshops, and faculty development program by inviting experts of national and international repute in the respective fields and idea of Student Council Formation, Prefectorial Board, Odia Sahitya Samaja, English Society, Proctorial Classes are his innovative ideas working in the College. He always believes in sincere hard work with honesty and uprightness. He is a man of work, knowledge, and spirituality who could visualize the possibilities of their realization by rural youths and giving efforts relentlessly without any idea of getting anything in return for his interest.

He believes and works as per the motto- “duty along with words illumine the world”. His life is dedicated to creating opportunities like opening reading rooms around the clock 24x7 days for the enhancement of quality education. A greener campus is a must for an educational institution for which he was visiting the expert horticulturists of Odisha and invited them for its better output. Transforming it into a center of learning (deemed to be a Rural University) in Higher Education was his dream and life till the last breath of his life.

SJ. Udayanath Sahoo, AT/PO: Adaspur, Dist.: Cuttack, donated a handful of the amount required for permission to open an institution under Higher Education. An illiterate but a lover of education knew that education is the key to bringing a cohesive society and the environment. A small businessman could dream of a society free from all sorts of superstitions, and uncritical ideas, and in the area of regular flood affected and the unavailability of road communication in 1986.