i)  While taking admission into the College, a student along with his/her father/guardian has to sign an undertaking to the effect that the student will abide by the rules and discipline of the college.

ii) Each student must register in the college office, his permanent as well as his local addresses. The name of the father and the guardian as reflected in the High School Certificate must be mentioned without fail.A student from another state, seeking admission to the college, must produce a domicile certificate from competent authorities not below the rank of Tehsildar.

iii)Cycles must be padlocked and put in the cycle shed. They should not be parked on the college verandahs and the corridors.

iv)All written applications should be dropped into the box meant for the purpose or handed over to the Head Clerk who will place them before the principal. The principal does not receive applications from the students directly.

v) All students who wish to obtain leave of absence from the college must apply to the Proctor for leave before they absent themselves. In special cases like illness where it is not possible to obtain leave in advance, an application for a grant of leave should be (a) sent by post, and (b) submitted immediately after return to the college.

vi)Students of the college should not be members of outside athletic clubs or any other type of club or society or play for any team other than the college team without prior permission of the Principal in writing.

vii)      When a team of students is deputed by the college away from Adaspur for any reason, members of the team and students accompanying the team, must obtain leave of absence from the Principalbefore their departure from Adaspur. Boarders in the team must also obtain permission from the respective Superintendents of their hostels.

viii)All students of the College are advised to carry their valid identity cards with them and produce their identity cards when so demanded.

ix)Students are advised to contact the counters for various kinds of official transactions. They should not ordinarily enter the college office.

x) The students may meet the Principal and other officersworking on his behalf on the written recommendations of the proctors.

xi)The students are advised to attend classes regularly and secure the required percentage of attendance. If a student secures attendance less than the irreducible minimum, he/she will be detained.

xii)Each student is required toattend at least 75% of the classes in each subject.

xiii)The students are advised to pay their college dues and hostel

    dues regularly as per the notification from time to time to this effect.

xiv)Students have to attend general, tutorial, and practical classes.

xv)The students shall haveto appear in all examinations including the monthly tests.



i)  Spitting on the walls, floors, pillars, or doors of the college is strictly prohibited;

ii) Students are forbidden from loitering in the corridors when they have no classes to attend. They may remain either in the library in the common room or in the seminar room.

iii)Answering the calls of nature is strictly prohibited at places other than the urinals and lavatories meant for the purpose. They should not enter the gardens. Anybody found to be plucking flowers and /or causing damage to trees/plants shall be penalized.

iv)Students are prohibited from walking on the grass of the quadrangle lawns.

v) Students are warned not to tamper with the electric bulbs, fans and switchboards.

vi)Misbehaviour of students, at any time, with the students, teachers, employees, and visitors to the campus will be severely dealt with.

vii)Scribbling, pasting placards and other papers, and disfiguring college walls are strictly prohibited. Any student disfiguring the walls shall be punished.

viii)Any student who remains absent from Monthly& Terminal Examinations shall be detained.

ix)Students should invariably stand in a queue while waiting near the college counters to deposit their tuition fees or for any other purpose.

x) Students are advised to meet the Principal only during the prescribed hours of the interview. They should not ordinarily enter the office without prior permission of their Proctors.

xi)No club or society should be started or maintained in the college and no function should be organized withoutthe approval of the Principal.

xii)      Students guilty of eve-teasing will be severely dealt with.

xiii)Students should not ride or take cycles on the verandahs, corridors, or the lawns of the college.

xiv) Possession/use of drugs, alcohol, or peddling of drugs on campus/hostel is strictly forbidden.

xv)      Any unruly behavior in buses/blocking the traffic / traveling on footboards of buses / any kind of annoyanceto the public will result in immediate withdrawal of students’ travel concessions and, if necessary, withholding of scholarships and may eventually lead to expulsion from the hostel/college.

xvi)Inviting /meeting strangers or unauthorized persons inside the college campus without any valid reason or permission from the Principal is prohibited.

xvii)Malpractice in any form is strictly prohibited.

xviii) Students shall not own mobile phones in the premises and hostels.

xix) A student shall always be in the college uniform on campus.

xx)      He/she shall uphold always the high values of Indian society.